Baby Cross…September 2016

So just last week, Anthony and I shared some very exciting news…we’re expecting! Little Cross will be here (hopefully on time) mid-September 🙂

I’ve had a lot of people ask me questions about our pregnancy because I didn’t tell anybody but ONE friend that we were actively trying to have a baby. I didn’t really want to make a big deal out of trying for a few reasons. One, I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take and I wasn’t sure if there were going to be any complications. My sweet parents tried several times before they were successful in having my brother so I wasn’t sure if I was going to experience any of the same struggles but I didn’t want to put anymore pressure on myself. Second, I didn’t want everyone to know what our plans were in terms of trying to have a baby, enough said.

I’ve always known I wanted to have babies, but I’m a “planner” so I always want to “make sure it was the right time”. My sweet husband told me from the very beginning of our relationship, the most important things he wanted in life was to be a good husband and to be a good dad, everything else would come second as long as he was doing the first two things (such a sweetheart). If he would of had it his way, we would of had a baby or two by now! But, after deciding to try and then being successful, we’re both very, very happy that this is the point in our life that we’ve been given this chance to be parents. I don’t think I’ll overload these posts in the coming months with all things pregnancy, but it is the most exciting thing going on in our lives right now.

We will be finding out the gender of the baby, and only 3-4 more weeks until we find out! I felt sick for about 3 weeks but it seems that the nausea has passed (thankfully). I did catch a head cold last week but that’s on it’s way out too (thank goodness!).

Every single day, Anthony and I thank the Lord for this chance and he continues to bless our family, regularly, daily.

Here’s a picture of my bump (bloat is more like it). Right at about 10 weeks. Only 30 more to go 🙂

image1 (1)


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