Time Keeps Ticking

Exactly 5 months from today is our little princess’ due date! Only 5 months away! There are some days this journey feels like it is going by so very slowly and then other days I remember thinking I just found out I was pregnant. Either way you want to look at it, it’s all been so very exciting.

Just a few things that have been happening since I last posted anything. First of all, I mentioned a little princess, yes, it’s a GIRL! We found out 5 weeks ago by doing an early elective ultrasound. We had our parents there and siblings so it was a special time for us. I think my mom yelled louder than anybody in the room when they technician wrote, “It’s a girl!” on the screen. I attempted to upload said video, but I don’t have a premium account so… The only other thing I will add to finding out it was a girl, I was totally shocked. Anybody that knows my family knows we produce boys, and well, Anthony is 1 of 3 boys. I was expecting to have a little man in my belly and when we first saw the ultrasound images, I knew it was a girl along with the technician well before anybody else did. I was so still and in shock, I was basically speechless and kept squeezing Anthony’s hand until the writing appeared on the screen. I am super happy to have little Kennedy Elizabeth dancing around in my belly. Her daddy is already her biggest fan 🙂

I was sick a bit longer that I had indicated on my previous post. I continued to have nausea for a few more weeks and then some other pregnancy symptoms that they just don’t tell you about because it’s literally different for everybody. So many people have asked me, how has it been?! Sometimes I honestly don’t know what to say. I obviously haven’t been miserable but there’s something different everyday. Since I’m over 18 weeks at this point, everything has been a lot easier. Most of the things I’ve been experiencing have either slowed or gone away so I am very thankful to feel relatively normal right now.

If anything there’s been a lot of emotions between Anthony and I. There plenty of moments where we are so overjoyed and we both start speaking to my belly. I’ve cried a lot…about pretty much nothing. It’s kind of funny after the fact but let me tell you, you’d think the world was ending during. Every so often we have the moments of “Holy moly, we’re going to be parents…what does that even look like?!” There’s been many text to my mom to ask if something was “normal” or if she had experienced something similar. It’s been fun seeing things change and transform over time, pretty much daily at this point. I promise on Monday I went to sleep with a sort of bump and when I woke up Tuesday, I had grown overnight. It’s mind blowing! I’m in awe of what the human body can do.

With that being said, I’ve had a lot of friends who recently had babies, are close to their due dates, halfway through their pregnancies or just found out they are pregnant. But I also know that there are a significant number of people that are trying to have babies that are facing challenges in this process so I’ve been trying to be as grateful and thankful for this chance to be a mom. I know my mother was very worried that because I’m her daughter, I could of inherited some of the issues she had when it came to having children. She was completely relieved when I told her I was pregnant and I had no idea she was so worried about my chances, but it’s another reason why I’m so thankful for the stage that I’m in.

I’m sure I’ll have more to share but for now this is what I’ve got for you guys! Here’s a bump photo for you at exactly 18 weeks. 🙂

image1 (1)



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